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Bringing Local Business Know How

Scott W. Smith has lived in East Hampton for most of my fifty-plus years. I want to work for you and serve as a new member of our Town Board. Our East Hampton way of life is rapidly changing. As Bob Dylan says, ‘If you can’t lend a hand, then get out of the way.’ The existing Town Board has had ample time to lend a hand to us – and to listen but has failed us. It’s time to carefully examine what benefits us and what is detrimental to our way of life in a thoughtful and collaborative way. We need a team that can work together whilst having a robust understanding of the communities’ desires and needs. We desperately need transparency, organization, and, most importantly, the ability to bring projects and policy from concept to reality.


Scott is a strong communicator and collaborator with an innate ability to judge character. Scott loves people, and I develop and maintain relationships far and wide. Scott will use his skills to create and nurture healthy, friendly, and productive relationships around our shared identity and lived experience. Scott will foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community aligned with the values of old East Hampton.


Throughout Scott's twenty years of running a local client-oriented cabinetry and design business, I have honed my skills to listen, collaborate, build a consensus, and identify common needs. Scott will streamline logistics and use common sense to assist all areas of government to have the help they need when they need it. Scott is proactive and hardworking, with a no-task-too-small attitude. In addition, Scott has a keen eye for fiscal responsibility, which is desperately needed. My values are grounded in creating the conditions for people to perform at their best and feel fulfilled and confident in their work.


In his twenties, Scott worked at a cattle ranch in Montana. Scott lived in the bunkhouse, pulled calves at 3 a.m. in sub-zero temperatures, mended fences, and did what was needed to help the ranch prosper. There are things you can learn on a ranch that guide you throughout your life. Scott's unique experience to help organize, mobilize, and preserve our beautiful East Hampton.


The Town Board is a PARTNERSHIP with the community. Scott is committed to a positive and impactful working relationship with you and significant cultural engagement so that together we can unlock the possibilities of growth. Gretta Leon, Michael Wootton, and Scott intend to create a vibrant future that benefits our whole community, from children to seniors. Please contact Scott at he is eager to hear what is near and dear to you about our wonderful home, East Hampton.


Good Day, Scott


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