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The East Hampton Town Republican Committee is committed to preserving the East End's unique traditions. We champion policies and candidates that will contribute to the health and vitality of our town and strengthen our community. Our Party believes that delivering sustainable growth environmental protection and economic opportunity is critical for our Town's survival and consistent with the East Hampton Town Republican Committee's long record of sound conservation and environmental stewardship.

Join us to secure our future.

Join us the fourth Thursday of each month for our monthly meeting.

Call 631-324-0528 or Email us for details. 

Congratulations to our next
County Executive Ed Romaine


Dear Friends,


With the echoes of Election Day still resonating in our hearts, I would like to express my immense gratitude for your kindness and support throughout this campaign. It has been heartwarming, to say the least. 

Although on the local level, we fell short on the Southfork, the rest of the county has unequivocally asserted itself in rejecting the failed policies of Mayor Adams, Governor Hocul, and President Biden. The residents of Suffolk County have spoken and  resoundingly declared in 2023: 




In the annals of history, the Suffolk GOP has etched its name with indelible ink, and it's all thanks to YOU! Once again, the Suffolk GOP has emerged as the Republican vanguard behind an awe-inspiring Red Wave that has swept across our county.


This hard-fought surge culminated with the election of Ed Romaine as the FIRST Republican County Executive in two long decades, alongside the expansion of our Republican Caucus in the Suffolk County Legislature to an astonishing 12-member Super-Majority!


The last time Suffolk Republicans held the County Executive seat and commanded a Republican Super-Majority in the Suffolk Legislature was in the year 1996!

From the top of the ballot to the end of the ballot, you provided even more strong victories and historical achievements, including:

1. Romaine's triumphant election to County Executive with an astounding 57% of the vote, marking the highest number of raw votes for any County Executive candidate in an open election.
2. Ed Romaine achieved the highest percentage of Republican support for any County Executive candidate in an open election.
3. Ed Romaine emerged victorious in 7 out of our county's ten towns, including the Democratic Party's stronghold, the town of Babylon.
4. The triumphant re-election of freshman lawmakers Dominick Thorne and Stephanie Bontempi in Legislative Districts 7 and 18, respectively.
5. The seismic shift in Legislative Districts 1and 6, as they flipped from Blue to Red with the election of Catherine Stark and Chad Lennon. 2023 marks the first time these districts have gone Republican in 11 and 12 years, respectively.
6. A historic re-election in the 7th District, the first for a Republican since 1973.
7. The fifth consecutive election cycle in which the Suffolk County GOP has gained seats in a Legislative election.
8. The election of two NEW Town Council members in the towns of Islip and Huntington.
9. The election of two NEW Town Clerks in the towns of Islip and Smithtown.
10. Our Suffolk GOP Legislative Candidates achieved victories in six towns, a feat unseen since 2011.
11. Capturing the Shelter Island Town Supervisor's office with the election of Amber Bach-Williams.
12. A triumphant sweep in the towns of Islip, Brookhaven, and Riverhead, with Angie Carpenter of Islip, Dan Panico of Brookhaven, and Tim Hubbard of Riverhead all securing office by more than 60% of the vote.
13. Hovering ever close in the 5th and 9th Legislative Districts.
And too many incumbents at both the County and Town levels to enumerate.

14. Capturing the two top spots on the East Hampton Town Trustees with Jim Grimes and Patrice Dalton


I recognize that these triumphs were the fruits of your tireless labor and unwavering commitment by the Town and County Committee members. It was their tireless endeavors, on nights and weekends spanning countless months, that have borne fruit beyond measure – a victory to savor.


I extend my profound gratitude to our neighbors, spanning the political spectrum, who placed their faith in our Republican candidates to chart a new course for our county.


The sterling reputation of our committee as the preeminent Republican stronghold in New York State is a testament to your dedication and consummate professionalism.


The achievements we've unlocked together have laid the groundwork for forthcoming triumphs, including the election of a Republican President next year, the return of our Members of Congress, the ascent of state officeholders, and the installation of more Republicans in office in 2024.


Once more, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your unwavering dedication, and I look forward to the future victories that we shall undoubtedly seize as one indomitable force.


With utmost gratitude and respect,

Jesse Garcia Chairman

Suffolk County & Brookhaven Town Republican Committees


Manny Vilar Chairman

East Hampton Town Republican Committee

Suffolk County has new District Attorney. Learn more about Ray Tierny a professional District Attorney

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