Dell Cullum

2019 Candidate for East Hampton Town Trustee

Dell Cullum was raised in Amagansett. He grew up enjoying the beaches with family while watching the Haul-Seine crews work. His admiration for the beauty and heritage of his hometown is unparalleled. Dell served in the Navy as a submariner; has experience as a firefighter and rescue technician; has designed as well as instructed swift water and ice training programs and is a professional photographer and filmmaker. He developed a compassion for wildlife while filming here at home and around the world, which led to 30 years experience removing and relocating wildlife.  This compassion led to his advocacy against trash on local beaches and roadways that is detrimental to us all. Dell speaks publicly about the issue and has initiated several environmental clean-up events. As an incumbent Trustee, Dell feels the actions of the Board should be above question or suspicion. He does not condone the the appearance of impropriety, the lack of public dialogue and conflict of interest with private businesses currently effecting the Trustee Board. Dell will ensure the Trustees remain independent and represent the public’s interest when re-elected.